The Ugly Child

In one of Manila’s many slums, deep in the shadows of society where drug dealers and pimps reign a young girl, Pangita, is trying her best to make her way in life. However, her whole world is suddenly turned upside down when her father dies. She now finds herself alone with her mother and siblings in a world where exploitation is the norm and beauty is just another commodity. They face a daily struggle to survive and stay together but despite their efforts the family slowly starts to fall apart and difficult choices have to be made.


The Wounded Tiger

In the waning days of the civil war the Tamil Tigers are in a desperate fight for survival against the Sri Lankan army. In an attempt to gain access to restricted areas of the island the Tigers target Eric, a newly arrived development worker. He is struggling with his new job and a failing marriage and welcomes what he sees as just a bit of adventure. Unaware of the dangers he puts himself and his staff in he doesn't resist when coerced and he soon finds himself smuggling equipment and weapons for the Tigers. When he learns that the secret police is closing in on him he tries to unsuccessfully to escape the Tigers’ blackmail. Instead he finds himself ever more entangled in a bloody conflict where neither side will stop at nothing to win.