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"Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure only death can stop it."

                                                                                              Ernest Hemingway

The Ugly Child

“The Ugly Child” is a journey into the hidden world of a slum in Manila. Following the young girl, Pangita, it takes the reader into the shadows of society where drug dealers and pimps reign and marrying a foreigner is one of the few ways out of poverty. The story offers a unique insight into a world which few outsiders ever get to experience.

It is a story of survival and of a family’s desperation and dreams in the face of exploitation and hardship in a world where beauty is just another commodity for others to exploit. It is an emotional tale but at the same time, it is a heart warming story of love and self-sacrifice.


The Wounded Tiger

Set in Sri Lanka during the waning days of the civil war “The Wounded Tiger” is a story about the cost of conflict and how coming of age is not only for the young. A development worker, who has recently moved to Sri Lanka, gets more or less willingly drawn into the civil war which has entered its last stages. In their increasingly desperate fight for survival the Tamil Tigers seek to exploit his access to restricted areas of the island where fighting is still taking place. Welcoming a bit of adventure he doesn't resist much when coerced. However, he soon finds himself caught and unable to escape a bloody conflict where neither side will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.


Academic Work and Papers

Links to various papers I have written or co-authored over the years mainly on economic development issues.
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Academic Work and Papers



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